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Americans Win Real Rewards to Caribbean with New Travel-Trivia App

Hundreds of lucrative Caribbean travel rewards have become available for North Americans craving to escape to the sun. Thanks to a new free-to-play trivia game, travelers can claim discounts on airfare, hotels, restaurants, and tours when they download and play Trippzy, a mobile game created in a partnership between travel journalists and app developers.

Trippzy players will answer trivia questions about the Caribbean and accumulate TripCoins that can be used toward airfare, hotel discounts, admission to attractions, meal vouchers, and more. The most attractive reward is a package to Curaçao valued at more than $5,000, and includes roundtrip airfare for two, a luxury hotel stay, $500 in cash, and VIP experiences.

“You thought you knew the Caribbean? Think again. Kudos to the team at Trippzy who have created a fun, educational game. We are thrilled to be showcasing the Caribbean in a new and innovative way to future travelers,” says Nancy Drolet, the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Business Development Representative for Canada. “Education should be fun — and how great that you can earn discounts while playing? We are thrilled to be participating and look forward to welcoming more travelers to the Caribbean.”

Along with Curaçao, the Caribbean nations teaming with Trippzy are Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and Nevis.

“Trippzy is bringing tourism marketing to the world of mobile gaming, which is where more and more people spend their time,” says Adrian Brijbassi, Trippzy’s co-founder and VacayNetwork.com’s managing editor. 

Americans spend an average of 30 minutes per day playing mobile games, which is more time than they spend watching YouTube or Netflix, according to industry reports. The top downloaded mobile app in both 2015 and 2017 was a trivia game.

“For zero monetary investment and only a handful of hours of their staffing time, the Caribbean tourism boards are able to use Trippzy to address two of their biggest challenges: how to engage younger consumers and how to drive more off-season visitation,” Brijbassi says. “Through the game, a mobile-phone owner is introduced to amazing places, learns exciting facts about them, acquires incentives to visit them, and secures a vacation booking — all within minutes.”

Trippzy is available for download on iOS and Android devices everywhere.

A Vancouver-based digital entertainment brand, Trippzy has plans to expand its trivia games to include locations around the globe.

Note: VacayNetwork.com is the publishing partner of Trippzy.

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